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In July 2020 my dad passed away. Sudden Unexpected Death. I was then 46. One day sick of the anxiety, panic and fear I had been experiencing I googled Yoga. I have not looked back. From my first practice Vicki made me feel relaxed. She corrects me in a kind way so I don’t feel stupid. I look forward to the 1.5 hr session which is long enough to properly escape. I am inspired by other group members who too have welcomed me in their quiet way and who are awesome at Yoga. My hope is that one day I will be as good as them. But for now Vicki and her yoga practice has come just at the right time and for that I am very grateful. Yoga has become part of my getting better. Long may that last and thank you Vicki. 

Sophia H (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

“Vicki’s classes for me are the real essence of a moving meditation, meaning I feel I can truly lose myself in each session. Her beautifully put together sequences and crystal clear instructions mean that you never feel lost or unsure or like you don’t know what you are doing. You never have to look up to find out what’s going on and can relax and “go with the flow”. You will never feel out of your depth yet are never unstretched (physically or metaphorically) as Vicky gives options for each and every pose.  Whether it is your first time on a yoga mat, or whether you are a seasoned yogi, you will love the atmosphere that Vicki creates in her class. Give yourself the luxury of forgetting the outside world just for an hour a week, and you will feel Vicky will be holding your hand the whole way.”

Christie B (Thame Yoga Student)

Since moving to the area two years ago, I have been attending Vicki’s yoga classes and it is no exaggeration to say that she is the best yoga practitioner I have worked with since taking up yoga over 15 years ago. Vicki is a highly experienced and considerate teacher, always making new people feel welcome and establishing a warm and supportive environment for her yoga practice. Her classes are well-balanced and clearly structured, enabling students to understand the benefits of the different postures and yoga flows as the class progresses. She offers positive guidance on how to adjust your body to ensure you are getting the most out of the postures and is also happy to be ‘hands-on’ if a student needs a bit more support or a slight adjustment. The class has a wide range of abilities and ages as well as male and female students, and Vicki caters well for the different levels of ability, building up postures through gradually increasing levels of difficulty so there really is something for everyone . I find the physical and mindful benefits of the class extremely satisfying and practice 2-3 times a week outside of the class at home to keep the benefits going even longer! Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Bex (Lewknor Yoga Student)

Vicki’s yoga class is enjoyable and as challenging as you want it to be. The health benefits I have noticed along with increased mobility and reduction of lower back pain make yoga well worth doing. I’ve also experienced an increase in core strength which in turn has caused an increase in overall strength and fitness.
At first I was unsure about starting yoga as it is often wrongly viewed as something only women do. However once I’d been to just one session I knew that to be nonsense.
Vicki very quickly makes you feel welcome and has different progressions allowing more experienced yoga goers to benefit as much as new comers.
I highly recommend yoga for all. Young, old, fit, unfit, men and women. It is tough at first but stick at it and you will feel the benefits that attending Vicki’s yoga class will bring to you.”

Dave M (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

I have been practicing yoga with Vicki for over 10 years now and can honestly say I haven’t practiced the same class twice! I love the fact that there is always a choice in the classes Vicki puts together, so if you are a practiced yogi or new to the mat, there is something for everyone.
The atmosphere is always relaxed and Vicki explains every posture and takes you as far as you want to go. I look forward to my yoga sessions as it is my time and I forget everything else that is happening in my life for 90 minutes and to top it all yoga night is the night I get the best sleep of the week!”

Karen L (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

Vicki’s classes are wonderful!! Vicki has a very calm, warm personality and her classes are a perfect blend for newbies all the way to experienced yogis. Each movement is broken down step by step and layers are added so that you can accommodate each position to suit your ability, flexibility or mood of the day. Both my husband and I attend Vicki’s classes, me for relaxation, flexibility and mindfulness and him originally for relief from sciatica and now for flexibility and strength for the golf course! Definitely recommended!!”

Claire C (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

“Vicki is the answer to my yoga dreams! I walk away from every class feeling less stressed, stronger (physically and mentally) and walking taller.
I have been attending Vicki’s class for about two years and hadn’t had much luck with yoga before that – I found other classes to be competitive which, as Vicki reiterates in every lesson, is NOT what yoga practice should be about. Vicki is warm, encouraging and has really taught me how to listen to my body and engage in my own practice.”

Claire A (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

“I have been practicing yoga for almost 30 years and found Vicki about 9 or 10 years ago through a friend’s recommendation. She is a fabulous yoga teacher and I’ve often thought when she speaks that she knows exactly what’s going on in my body during the practice. People of all levels are welcome and she offers alternatives for those with injuries or difficulties and extra poses for those who want to take the postures further. She encourages non competitiveness with self and others. I really enjoy her classes and can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Chrissie M (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

After finding my perfect yoga class abroad, I then spent ages after moving back to the UK looking for a yoga teacher who had the right balance of grounding, inventiveness (every class is different and well prepared) and humour to inspire me in class. Vicki’s the one. She takes account of my (numerous!) injuries and I always leave with that feeling of total rejuvenation and relaxation, of exertion without exhaustion!”

Chloe P (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

I have been going to Vicki’s classes for years, if you find a good yoga teacher – stick with them and that’s what I’ve done. I couldn’t recommend her enough, she was born to teach and includes everyone in her classes whether a beginner or advanced which is a skill in itself.”

Natalie C (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

“After years of weight training I needed something to help my flexibility, so when a friend asked me to go to yoga I jumped at the chance. I was hooked after my first class. My flexibility is improving slowly but what I have been most amazed at is how beneficial it has been for my mind.  I used to be very stressed and uptight all the time but I am definitely a lot calmer and more relaxed now and that is thanks to Vicki and her yoga classes. I feel like a different person. Vicki is a great teacher and has a very calming nature. I could just go and listen to her talk for 90 minutes! I highly recommend her class.”

 Kelly S (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

“I have been attending Vicki’s yoga classes for many years because she always provides a varied mixture of postures & movement to develop essential strength with flexibility for the whole body (essential for a good golf swing!).  Being able to change classes if you are unable to make your regular class is also a bonus, but no excuse for missing one either!  Yoga evenings also coincide with the best night’s sleep of the week”

Ian P (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

I had been doing various types of yoga regularly, for about 5 years, when I was recommended, by another yoga teacher, to go to a class with Vicki.  From early on in my practice, I felt a great sense of calmness and the class seemed able to move at the pace of each individual creating a sense of inclusion for all.  After now having been to Vicki’s classes for over 6 years I can honestly say that, through all sorts of life changes, illnesses and odd aches and pains I have never left a class feeling other than invigorated and able to deal with normal stresses that life brings.  To summarize, Vicki has a loyal following of students, which is clear from the numbers that attend her classes and I, and others I am sure, cannot recommend her wonderful teachings highly enough”.

Denise C.  (Thame Yoga Student)

After ‘dipping into’ several yoga classes with different teachers over the years. I finally found Vicki & her classes hit all the right buttons. I have been attending for about 10 years now and always enjoy the way she gives just the right balance of energetic workout, wonderful stretches & fabulous relaxation sprinkled with gentle encouragement & humour!

Sue S.S. (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

I started yoga with Vicki many years ago and found it excellent for my overall fitness and health. She is a great teacher and brings elements from various traditions into the core practice.”

Russell Leak (Lewknor Yoga Student)

“I’ve been attending yoga with Vicki for a few years now.  I really enjoy her style of teaching as she encourages you to work to your own pace and ability. 

She will push/challenge you if you seek her guidance. This means you don’t feel like you’re ‘competing’ with other students in the class and the practice is your own.

Her flexibility over switching classes in the week means if I can’t make my usual class that I rarely miss a week of practice, so I’ve got no excuses!

On a personal note, Vicki is really friendly and approachable. During some personal challenges, this trait made me feel like she cared for my well being and practicing yoga really helped me overcome this.”

Rhiannon L  (Aylesbury Yoga student)

“I started doing yoga in my late twenties, when I lived in London and I really enjoyed it. When I moved to this area I searched for another class but never found one that suited me. Then, a long time later at sixty plus, I found Vicki’s class and I love it! The classes are just the perfect balance of encouragement and challenge. I always leave feeling so glad that I turned out (whatever the weather).  They are fun but also completely serious about the practice. I feel in charge of my own wellbeing – Thank you Vicki!”  

Jan R  (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

“I am fortunate to have been going to Vicki’s yoga classes for about 10 years. They are a very enjoyable window of calm in a frantic week, where the benefits of learning to bring peace and relaxation to body and mind spills over into everyday. Yoga certainly helps me to develop flexibility and strength, but Vicky has directly helped me to maintain and improve a painful back through the years, as she somehow manages to tailor every part of her class to suit everyone’s individual needs and abilities. Amazing! Thank you Vicki!”

Trudi F (Lewknor Yoga Student)

“We are a couple and we have enjoyed practicing yoga with Vicki since 2008. It is easy to keep coming back.”  Tara & Matt Beard (Aylesbury Yoga Students)

“One of the things that we enjoy is going as a couple. Because Vicki’s classes are quite varied, we both find things to enjoy and ways to challenge ourselves. It’s something we can both do together, in spite of differing physical abilities”.  Tara

Yoga with Vicki is great for strength, flexibility and balance. Her classes are challenging but achievable. With a nice mix of positions, classes always feel fresh and interesting. Vicki pays attention to individuals. She shows how to vary postures so we can work hard when we want or enjoy a more relaxed practice when we prefer. I am a sporty chap. I have always felt welcome when I practice yoga with Vicki. Yoga with Vicki is enjoyable, helps all other sports I play and plays its part helping me to stay healthy, focused and happy.
We highly recommend Vicki’s yoga classes.” Matt

“I have been practicing yoga with Vicki for many years and now regard her as a friend as well as teacher. Each class is energizing yet also calming and relaxing. I have learnt how personal yoga is to each individual; we each have unique physical abilities and responses yet we can enjoy this practice in the company of others.  After yoga on Tuesday I have the best night’s sleep of the week! Thank you Vicki”

Hilary P (Lewknor Yoga Student)

I have been going to Vicki’s yoga classes at Queens Park for about 12yrs and am now in my sixties. I am convinced my flexibility and relative good health are down to practicing yoga regularly. Vicki’s teaching is always evolving, never competitive and never boring.”
Alison L (Aylesbury Yoga Student)

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